Pop Up BBQ Catering

Looking for a different Catering experience? Just think of it like a BBQ Food Truck without wheels.  Our BBQ Pop catering can be customized for any event and almost any budget.

“BBQ Pop Up Catering is like a Food Truck Without wheels”

We set up in a high-quality commercial tent with wood countertops. We bring the deep fryers, grills smokers, and everything needed to serve your guests. We have served thousands of happy customers under Pop-up tents.

Pop Up BBQ Catering

Types of Events we do

  • Corporate Events
  • Street Fairs & Festivals
  • Homeowners Association

  • Celebrations 

  • Fundraisers
  • Parties
  • And more ……

Basic Price Info

  • Prices range from $15.00 to $20 per menu item. Based on Portion sizes.
  • Service Fee & Minimums apply
  • Minimum Quantities of each item may apply
Stagecoach Music Festival

Some of our menu items are below.

BBQ Food Truck Catering

Pulled Pork Fries

Loaded Rowdy BBQ Fries

Nashville Hot Chicken Fries

Brisket Chili Cheese Fries

Garlic Jalapeno BBQ Fries

Pulled Pork for catering

Pulled Pork Sandwiches or Sliders

Pulled Chicken Sandwich or Sliders

Nashville Chicken Sandwiches

Chopped Brisket Sandwich or Sliders

Pork Belly BBQ

Pudding Up With You

Mac and Cheese with BBQ On Top

Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork

Chopped Brisket Sandwich or Sliders

Mac and Cheese with Pulled Chicken

Mac and Cheese with Tri Tip

Hatch Green Chili Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese with Brisket

BBQ Pop up for Events

BBQ Pop Up at Yucaipa Rodeo

If you have an event and looking for a BBQ Vendor we have served at some of the biggest events in Southern California. Events such as Stagecoach Music Festival, Redlands Market Night and Nascar Race Weekends.

Big Bear BBQ

BBQ Pop Up at BBQ Festival

We have served our BBQ at some of the coolest BBQ festivals. We have won a few awards over the years. Our favorite award was #1 People Choice award at our very first BBQ Festival. 

Corporate BBQ Pop Up

Pop Up Catering for Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate catering we are one of the favorites. We can feed all your employees over all shifts. The one in the picture we did 3 shifts. 

"Smokin' At The Track"
We provide catering to any size crowd. From 100 guests to 1000’s we can handle it. We specialize in REAL BBQ! Let Us WOW your guests! This video that @imfilming made for us is our best yet as it captures everything we are passionate about! Love NASCAR, Love smokin’ delicious BBQ and sides and what’s more cool than being part of a nascar weekend. Find Us on Instagram
Stagecoach Music Festival
Tom's Smokin' Hot BBQ Pitstop was invited to be part of the 2018 Guy Fieri's Smokehouse at the StageCoach Music Festival. We had a Blast being part of Guy Fieri's SmokeHouse Tent.
Coachella BBQ Catering - Stage Coach Music Festival
Tom's Smokin' Hot BBQ Pitstop offers catering in the Coachella Valley. We have served are BBQ to thousands of guests in the Coachella Valley.
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